How can I be a successful Model and how much can I earn?

“It takes time to be who you really want to be. It doesn’t happen overnight.” – Chanel ImanA model, by definition is a person who has the job of using their faces and bodies to pose for art, or to showcase products by advertising them on Media. A successful career doesn’t end with a pretty face…it starts there! So it follows that a great amount of time and effort is needed to develop a complete personality that is aligned to the task on hand, be it a catwalk, posing for still photography or acting out a video clip. Primarily it’s mainly about hard work. The glamour and fame will follow.

As an aspiring model, both male as well as female, it will increase your chances of success if you worked on a wide range of skills. Some of them are communication skills development, posing for photography, fashion and dance choreography, personality development, self-grooming and make-over, health and fitness, styling and garment design. At the end of the day, practice makes perfect.

“I make a lot of money and I’m worth every cent.”  –  Naomi Campbell. How can I earn top money as a model? Although the work itself may not be steady and the income constant, it offers talented individuals the opportunity to achieve widespread recognition and high levels of income. The amount of money earned by top International Models can be illustrative. In 2018 the top five earners were, Kendall Jenner – Earnings: $22.5 million. Karlie Kloss – $13 million. Chrissy Teigen – $11.5 million. RosieHuntington-Whitely – $11.5 million and Gisele Bundchen – $10 million. In India, models may not earn quite as much but the income levels are in the top bracket of earnings and offer a relatively high standard of living.

“A smart model is a good model.” –  Tyra Banks. It is important to go about your career with a smart approach. First of all a professionally managed portfolio is a must. A portfolio says a lot about you and a well prepared set of still photographs and video clips can give you a decided advantage. Next, you need to register with a good Model co-ordination agency and wait for a chance to audition for a shoot. After that it’s really up to your skills, talents and glamour quotient that will take you to the next levels. And the future? Remember, most of today’s stars and celebrities once started their careers as models…and continue to do so as brand ambassadors with long term contracts. So a career in modeling can take you where your dreams beckon, while earning you your share of fame and fortune.  

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